About the brand

The Beginning

BEAR in BEAR Labs stands for Botanical Extractions And Research. Our brand was born in 2014 within LA's famed San Fernando Valley. We are a group of grassroots professionals with over 50 years of experience in the Cannabis Industry that came together to pursue our united vision of creating an affordable and high quality product that everyone can enjoy. Only if you're over 18 though! 

The Spirit Bear

A lot of people may think that our mascot, which appears on our packaging, is a polar bear. Well, you guessed it. Its not a polar bear! Our mascot is the magnificent and extremely rare Kermode Bear, also known as the Spirit Bear. These bears are found in the Canadian Bear Rainforest and are the result of a genetic mutation in the North American Black Bear. They are all white, but not albino. You can read more about them here:

The Mission

Our goal is simple. We are a bunch of connoisseurs that want everyone to experience the same joy that we get from the products we create. For years we've been daily indulgers in our own products and we do not put out anything that we don't smoke ourselves. With providing high quality products comes a high cost of goods sold, for all you finance buffs out there. However, this does not stop us from delivering an extremely competitive and affordable price to our retailers and consumers. We hope you enjoy!